6 books on my Mother's Day Wish List + an absorbing TED talk

Just in case any of the six children I birthed are starting to panic, here’s my Mother’s Day Book Wish List—I make one very year.

Quite often no one buys anything from it because they know full-well that if they don't I’ll just end up buying them anyway.

Still, here’s this year’s list, more or less in order of preference:

Dishing Up the Dirt — a cookbook from this site. I’ve heard the argument that with so many delicious looking recipes on the site, why would I need the physical cook book (?) but I don’t understand it. The book looks beautiful.

Green Kitchen at Home — another cookbook/website combo. I saw this one when we were in Sydney but it was just too heavy for our carry-on luggage. I’ve cooked often from the website and love their food. 

The Black Presidency — because I’m trying to understand the impact of race. It’s a big ask from the perspective of a privileged, educated white woman, but I’m working on it—and this looks fascinating.

Counting Descent — for the same reason, this TED performance by the author, Clint Smith, consumed me for days. So I really want to read more of his poems. 

The Transatlantic Marriage Bureau — I recently enjoyed Jackie French’s new book Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies and this looks like it could be something of a non-fiction version—kind of Downton Abbey meets The Bachelor—sounds like fun to me.

Birds without Wings — one of my sister Sam’s favourite books that I somehow haven’t read yet. It's only last on the list because I can borrow her copy (sister Sam is not the same as WTBA SamJ).

Book or no-book, I hope you find something lovely for your mother this year. And if you’re a mother too, I hope you get the best gifts of all—kisses or phone calls, lots of love, and happy children.

P.S. If you like the look of the two cookbooks, you're bound to love the recommendations from Lindsay Hood.

The books are linked to Book Depository—they have free postage anywhere in the world and great pricing—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.