Lindsay Hood: plant-based mama to five rambunctious kiddos....

We're so glad that Lindsay agreed to be first in our Personal Journeys series where we ask: what are you reading and where do you read?

Lindsay describes herself as a "Plant-based mama to five rambunctious kiddos, lover of all things 70's and wannabe organic gardener". She and her husband Jamie are about to embark on a new life adventure via a fixer-upper house and an organic garden in Sarina, North Queensland.

What are you reading, Lindsay?
Whole-food plant-based cookbooks! And vegetable gardening books. At the moment I'm using Dreena Burton's Plant Powered Families, Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion, Mimi Kirk's Live Raw and Snack It Out by Donalee Halkett, but I have a whole stack! I honestly prefer simple recipes with fewer ingredients to anything overly complicated—mostly because I'm time-poor but also because the kids are more likely to eat them.

Smoothie fave: frozen bananas, blueberries, medjool dates, spinach, chia seeds, cacao and coconut milk ❤️ 

Smoothie fave: frozen bananas, blueberries, medjool dates, spinach, chia seeds, cacao and coconut milk ❤️ 

Where do you read?
In the kitchen of course, but I also search for things online on my iPad in bed. With five kids, I don't get a lot of (make that ANY) uninterrupted reading time till they're all asleep and by that point I'm not far behind them!

Sam, Oliver, Charlie, Isabelle, Louie

Sam, Oliver, Charlie, Isabelle, Louie

And a few final quickies–what are you currently:

Do'terra essential oils. As well as smelling amazing, the oils I have are edible so I add them to bliss balls, jaffa (choc-orange) smoothies and coconut-lemon slice.

Laundry and dishes. Seriously, all the time! But I'm making an effort to carve out some time for myself this year—I've just started doing an adult's tap class which is heaps of fun, and also yoga online most mornings. Boho Beautiful have some great free yoga/pilates sessions on youtube.

Clicking on
The soup pic is based on a recipe I found on Whole Food Mommies and I also really like recipes by Angela on Oh She Glows. Her site is amazing and her cookbook is on my wish list.

Thank you so much for sharing and for being on WTBA Lindsay—we love your tips and can't wait to see how your new home and garden come together!

Kim: I'm delighted that Lindsay recommended Plant-Powered Families, I've been thinking of buying it for weeks; doing it now!

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