WTBA is a collection of and conversation about powerful books that strengthen, elevate, inspire and help to grow powerful, resilient kids. We're a book oriented guide for parents, grandparents, educators, aunts, uncles and anyone involved in nurturing children and caring for friends. First up, here's the team (just click the images for more):


WTBA is a labour of love for all of us and we write about books that we believe are full of power. Mostly picture books:

picture books that are a gateway to the world—because they open children's eyes to the richness and diversity around them
picture books that are beautiful to look at—because they help us all to explore worlds and thoughts outside our own
picture books that can be read together—because there is strength in shared ideas and experiences
and picture books that grow with us and motivate us—because everyone should know that their own stories are the most important of all.

The books we choose, each in their own way, help children to build up a complex and flexible set of moral responses. They give experience with choices both good and bad—and they let the child (the child in all of us) see the consequences of those choices on more than just the decision maker.  

We also feature some grownup reads and dabble in lifestyle loves that capture our attention. We hope you enjoy those too! 

We do as many full picture book reviews as possible, and we supplement these with collections and mixed short reviews. We're excited to share our passion with you and hope sincerely that you'll join us on the journey, but our biggest wish is that you find the site uplifting, fun and helpful!  

And lastly, we love hearing from our readers—just email us at hello@wherethebooksare.com—we’re happy to answer specific questions or to come up with a reading list for your powerful kid and his or her individual life challenges.

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