3 go-to went-to Sydney bookshops + 3 TBR books that came home with us


GLEEBOOKS in Glebe is a family favourite—it’s been a mainstay of our trips to Sydney for over 30 years. I always have a hard time choosing but usually come away with something from their history section.


HILL OF CONTENT in Balmain have a really great picture book selection—it’s at the back of the shop which is very helpful if you have young ones with you.


KINOKUNIYA is a monolith of a bookshop with thousands of books covering pretty much everything you could want to read about. It’s not a boutique shopping experience—you’re really left to your own devices to hunt through the stacks, which is a great way to spend an hour or two. Also it’s right across the road from Haigh's Chocolates, so there’s that!

Jesse, Louisa and I visited all three earlier this week and, in a monumental display of self control, bought only these books: (We flew with just carry-on luggage so didn’t really have any weight to spare.)

We're excited to be reading these books and in case you want to grab a copy yourself, we've linked them to Book Depository—they have free postage anywhere in the world and great pricing—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.