5 Nativities that are simple, reverent and not too cute

I like my nativities simple, not too cute and always reverent. I also like them to be so beautiful that the pictures alone speak to hope and joy and love. Here are five of my favourites -

1.   THE NATIVITY - classic biblical language and art from Julie Vivas – with maybe the most beautiful painting of the Baby Jesus ever.

2.   THE ABC BOOK OF CHRISTMAS - thirteen brilliant Australian illustrators contributed one full page each to make this a nativity story full of vibrancy and varying perspectives – it’s cheerful and full of life. 

3.   THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS – uses King James  Bible language to tell the story - it has a moody, renaissance feel to it and amazing scissor-cut illustrations.

4.   THE NATIVITY – although it seems to be out of print, this is a particularly beautiful version that is worth tracking down second hand or at the library. 

5.   EVERY MAN HEART LAY DOWN – certainly not a classic nativity, but a favourite – our full review is here - beautifully presented in the four minute video below.

I hope you find something nice for your own Christmas in those picks.