charming, classic tale of a family adventure

by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury - Walker Books, 1995
ages newborn to 6 years / funny

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is such a well-loved classic. For me, it brings back fond memories of bedtime stories and rainy day activities at school.

A family, one bright sunny day, decide to go on a Bear Hunt (such a wholesome family activity!)

Along the way, they come up against a number of obstacles and have to work out how to get around them.

When they finally reach the bear’s cave they discover that maybe a bear is not something you want to go looking for!!!

This is a fun and engaging story that you can read with your whole body - with unlimited potential for carry-on experiences. Some of my favorites are:

These sound effect props to enhance your storytelling from Reading Confetti

An obstacle course (if you have lots of time, space, and/or kids) from Thrive After Three – just be willing to do it over and over again :D

A sensory collage that lets your kids get their hands dirty by Home Grown Friends

This great map and binoculars for your own bear hunting adventure from Buddy and Buggy

Or, you might like to listen to the song on school tube together - it's very cute. And for a new baby or toddler gift, these finger puppets from Etsy make a great add-on.

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