9 happy Christmas books from downunder

A southern hemisphere, and hence a summer, Christmas is a wonderful thing. But it’s not widely represented on Christmas cards, biscuits tins or in picture books. 

Here are a few that capture an Australian Christmas and do it so well that they’ll appeal to children and adults wherever they live around the world, even if they’re buried in snow for Christmas. (Although to be fair they could also result in a yearning for some sunshine)

WOMBAT DIVINE – Australian native animals putting on a Christmas pageant – it’s an Australian childhood classic.

TEA AND SUGAR CHRISTMAS – full review here. Just perfect.

SANTA'S OUTBACK SECRET – a touching story that manages to be funny at the same time.

CHRISTMAS WOMBAT – Jackie French’s Wombat does Christmas – great for little ones.  

LITTLE DOG AND THE CHRISTMAS WISH – a very lovely lost and found story set in Melbourne.

WOMBATS DON'T HAVE CHRISTMAS – out of print but our family’s favourite for many years – I think it was the moment that father Wombat offered to ice the cake because, ‘You never make icing thick enough’ that made it so relatable! 

Then there are the Australian adaptations of classic Christmas carols – which I also love, especially this one, this one, and this one.

What can I say, Christmas brings out the schmaltz in all of us :)