a little bit of history enhances every celebration, including Christmas (5 books)

History connects us with times past, helps us feel grateful for present moments and, with the right telling, it can give us hope for the future.

Here's a sampling of Christmas history stories that my family likes, maybe you'll enjoy them also:

ANGELA AND THE BABY JESUS – the story of the time Angela from Angela’s Ashes ‘rescued’ the baby Jesus from the church nativity. Charming. 

GOD BLESS US EVERY ONEA Christmas Carol is probably the most recognisable of all advent stories, except for the nativity of course. This is the story of how it was written.   

HORRIBLE CHRISTMAS – hilarious and jammed with Christmas tidbits – the Horrible History team never disappoint.

SILENT NIGHT HOLY NIGHT – the story of how the beloved carol came to be.

SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT: The Story of the Christmas Truce – one of my favourite Christmas stories. It's also told beautifully, memorably and artistically for adults in this movie:

P.S. You might like this review of SILENT NIGHT HOLY NIGHT (the story of the Carol). 

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