welcome back!

Hello there—wherever you've been, we hope you had a perfect Christmas break! While you were away, we did a bit of fine tuning on the site, à la these:

For easier searching, there's a list of picture book topics in the side bar as well as on their usual page. These tags are broad categories that will help to narrow down your picture book search—and if you want more targeted choices, there are lots more in explore more.

So that they're easier to find, we've separated the posts with video and audio into a watch + listen section;

And, in case you'd like to see, there’s a freshened up about WTBA page. 

Some new regular features are starting this year too: 

We have a bunch of mini Kid Interviews on the way—they're very cute and the first will be posted this week. 

We’ve been delving into the Personal Journeys of some all-round-cool people and searching out favourite places where kids and friends read—this series will be up and running in January.

And so, on to this year’s stunning books—there are some fabulous new publications coming up—we're very excited!

P.S. The happy snaps are some of the kids you'll see on the blog from time to time—having fun on their hols.