kids recommend: Harry

I’m delighted to introduce … Harry!  Harry is 6, and always ready with a cheeky joke. His family live in South East Queensland and, just the other day, he told me they went swimming in their pyjamas before breakfast—life doesn’t get much better!

Who’s in your family, Harry? 
I love my family!  My mum, my dad, 2 dogs, Addie and me.  Addie is my grandma.

What do you do for fun with your family?
Ride bikes, invite people over, lots of stuff!  Play games and stuff, travel a lot…..

What do you like to do at home?
Play!  Number 1 is play. Reading books is number 2 and Number 3 is swimming!

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What book would you recommend to other kids?
I’ll have to give that some thought. There are so many books. The Faraway Tree, Lego Star Wars Chronicles, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia and any Dr Seuss book.

Thank you for sharing, Harry!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, 'Addie' comes from Harry's grandma’s middle name—Adeline.

This Kids Recommend post is the first of a new series. Every month (or so) WTBA will introduce you to a book-loving kid who lives life to the full. We love hearing about young lives — so much joy and hope, so much potential — and we thought you might too.