making the case (get it?) for pencils

Beautiful graphite pencils are my new love - I know they're everyday tools for some people, but for me they're purely recreational. (a-la the Emily Jeffords quote below) 

This is the video that became my personal tipping point, but it's lovely to watch either way:

If your interest is sparked - or if you already know and love warm, soft, premium graphite - you might like to check out what these awesomely creative people have to say about using their own Blackwing pencils. They're great for inspiration and motivation!

Equally beautiful: the tactile and gorgeous pencils, cases and sharpeners from CW Pencil Enterprise (Caroline Weaver):       

Here's Caroline Weaver and here's her answer to the big question: 2B or not 2B? Yes, this time there is an answer!


Katrina Davies on children using pencils vs 'swipe right':

Many of us swipe with the middle finger and it has become the main ‘doing’ finger. The muscles in our hand aren’t designed for that .... We’re changing the way we’re doing things and that changes the brain map and the amount of brain that’s going to the index finger.

Emily Jeffords* on creativity:

Do it for the process. Creativity is hard work and there are a lot of failures along the way – but if I can create for the joy of creativity itself then I can more easily push through the ups and downs of a creative career.

And if you're in the mood to combine pencil-work with a bit of problem-solving, you might like this book. I very much enjoyed it. 

Good quality art paper is nice to go with a beautiful pencil, but the back of most napkins work well too. The book would be a fun gift with a pencil.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm planning to spend some time with my mother's sketch pad and a bit of warm, soft, premium graphite - 'for the process' :).

* Emily Jeffords is an amazing artist who uses Blackwing pencils. She also offers a totally free 4 part email series on 'how to actually be a creative professional AND parent' that you might like to check out.

P.S. This is the Blackwing602 pack that I ordered and a set of CW Pencils will definitely be next.