5 books to read again and again when you're a three-year-old

Since Ivy became a very proud big sister a few days ago, we’ve noticed that each time she chooses something to read, the same five books come out. She pulls out the books, finds herself an adult (or two) and settles in for a good long session.

Like some sort of evil scientist, I’ve been playing around with hiding the books in different places in the bookshelf, but she hunts through till she finds them. 

So it's clear that these are her three-year-old comfort books:


Noah’s Ark – a wordless picture book full of detail + full of animals, of course. It’s great because it can be read quickly if you’re in a hurry, or lingered over if you have more time – and because there are no words but heaps and heaps of mini stories happening, young children can ‘read’ it to themselves.

Bertie and the Bear – a classic story about a misunderstood bear who chases a boy. Lots of funny sounds to make, and just a little bit of suspense.


Daisy and the Egg – Daisy the duck becomes a big sister too, just like Ivy. And her new little brother has a fun name to say.


Good News Bad News – a funny story with an optimistic rabbit and a pessimistic mouse.


You Are (Not) Small – size becomes important when you’re suddenly enormous in comparison to your baby brother.


And this one, Big Red Barn, was Ivy’s Dad's comfort book. He read it over and over when he was around the same age – and he took it to hospital to read to each of his babies on their first day in the world.

Here is Angus, Ivy's new brother and Alec and Samantha's baby boy (b. 28 July, 2016). Luckily he's a typically chilled second child because he has heaps of admirers who all want to cuddle him - when Ivy will let them!

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Names in these books – Bertie, Daisy, Noah