it's springtime in Tasmania: we're exploring and loving our colourful world

Spring is in full bloom in Tasmania, it’s the most divine season. Lush green from all the rain, vibrant splashes of colour from the blossoms and spring blooms (daffodils everywhere!) and all that bright sunshine! There’s a whole mass of colours you forget exist in the long cold winter.  

All the Colours I See is the perfect book to compliment our spring colour fever. It’s a beautiful die-cut colours primer that explores the different hues in the world around us.

“The world is filled with many colours – just look around and see!

Would you like to come on a colour journey with me?

Colours are everywhere, waiting to bee seen!

But where do we start? Let’s begin with green.

Velvety green grass tickles my toes…

As the soft, spring green leaves sway to and fro.

Close to the place where…

The sour, fresh limes grow.

Mint cupcakes are tasty and sweet.

But… Pistachio ice cream is my favourite treat!”

Ivy decided we needed to go on a colour hunt and arrange the things we find into hues and shades.

That worked out well, but apparently we also need to try Pistachio ice cream. : )

This is a visually beautiful book with illustrations that are fresh and bright, perfect for the coffee table. It’s a great introduction to new colours like sapphire blue, flaxen yellow and crimson red and a lovely invitation to look, explore and communicate with the world around us.


All the Colours I See
by Allegra Agliardi – Tate Publishing, 2017
ages 1 to 8 years / coffee table, art