move over fractured fairy tales, fantasy can be good for us all!

Fairy tales are important because they give form to deep fears and dreams about life through fantasy.
— Sally Goddard Blythe
📸patricia palma-unsplash

📸patricia palma-unsplash


I’m always a little embarrassed when someone asks me what I like to read. My favourite genre (although I will basically read and enjoy anything) is fantasy, with a particular love of fairy tale re-telling.

I know in general it’s a popular genre, but I like to think of myself as a practical sort of person, and I almost feel like it’s a weakness, that little part of myself that won’t grow up (ok there is probably more than just one small part that hasn’t grown up : )).

Recently, I came across this excellent article that gives insight into the reasons we are so drawn to fairy tales and how they are especially important for children.

For children, fairy tales are actually helpful because, while they’re obviously not real life, they provide a comfortable and safe place to face true-to-life problems and feelings. And they seem to come along at just the right time, at the appropriate developmental level. 

According to child psychologist Sally Goddard Blyth, director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, if you have a child with a fairy tale obsession, don’t worry. It’s helping them to work out the complexities of life. And it’s not just kids who can reap the benefits.

Fairy tales give children a way, through stories that are safely set apart from themselves, to understand some of the really confusing and difficult feelings that they can’t yet articulate for themselves.
— Sally Goddard Blyth
As adults, fairy tales are comforting to us because of their familiarity. They remind us of a time in our childhood before we had responsibilities and all the uncertainty and insecurity of adult life.
— Sally Goddard Blyth

So if, like me, you haven’t yet grown out of your love of fairy tales, embrace it! It never hurts to be reminded of the security of childhood.

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