Easter novels—books to read in crisp mountain air

Do you have Easter plans this year? We’ll be camping in the New England area of New South Wales – one of our favourite places. (These are pics from our last trip down there, you can probably see why we love it.)

It’s a nice long drive from Samford and I’m thinking of an audio book for the trip so we can listen together. We’ll each take along a book to read at night too. Here’s what we’ll be reading:

Roger: Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz.  Sherlock Homes is dead and one of his most devoted students is on the trail of a new criminal mastermind – sounds like a page turner – perfect for reading with a fishing rod in the other hand.

Kim: The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante. The second in the four part series – the first, My Brilliant Friend, was my Christmas Eve book and I’d finished it by the end of Boxing Day. I think this one will be just as good.

Jesse:  Demelza by Winston Graham. Sometimes you just need to descend into a period drama. Demelza is the second in a series of twelve – so I wouldn’t count on Jesse getting through all of them – but it’s a lot of fun and we all loved the BBC production, Poldark, based on books one and two.

Peet: Submission by Michael Houellebecq. Peet is always up for a bit of political satire. This one is set in 2022 and contemplates a world where Islamic law controls France. It’s billed as being satirical, melancholic, and hilarious.

Louisa: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling. Somehow Louisa made it to 18 without reading Harry Potter! She’s devouring them now and taking the last two on the trip.

Max: Barney and the Secret of the Whale. A new one from Jackie French – which makes it a safe bet. Max is keen on all things whaling since seeing In the Heart of the Sea earlier this year. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter with plenty of time for reading and reflecting on all that is good and beautiful in life.

Kim xo

PS - the books are linked to Amazon but you could search for them through our links to Book Depository or Booktopia if you prefer.