8 rib-tickling picture books from our 'funny' category

In case you missed them - or perhaps to remind you of something you loved - here's a small revisit to our ‘funny’ category: 

1. Baa Baa Smart Sheep – there’s a giggle all the way through but the punch line brings a full-on laugh from adults and children alike.

2. Good News Bad News – it’s pretty impressive when a whole story can be told with just four words; brilliant for under 5’s who are learning to read.

3. The Book with No Pictures – everyone has perfect comic-timing reading this out loud; the words (and typefaces) carry the reader until everyone is laughing.

4. The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business – lots of scatological humour and learning here.

5. That’s Disgusting – weird and disgusting yet somehow entirely believable things that kids might do.

6. It’s a Book – a frustrated Monkey and a slightly ridiculous, but relatable, Jackass have a very funny conversation … about a book.

7. Cinderella’s Bum – a solid body image message emerges from a story that repeatedly uses the word ‘bum', making it hilarious for anyone under the age of 7 (or 70!).

8. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On – cute meets funny meets endless optimism meets slightly absurd, it's so funny.

There’s not much that's better for relationship-building than a shared joke – and when the joke comes complete with underlying messages about strength or hope or kindness, so much the better.

Some jokes are overtly funny, some are about a play on words. The notion of what's funny is personal of course, but those books are about exposing readers to all sorts of funny ideas. They’re a great way to dissolve a stressful day or cap off a delightful one.

PS The two little ones sharing a laugh in the photo above (by Lindsay Hood) can also be seen in a more contemplative moment in our 'friendship' post.  We love them both.