8 joyful, powerful books that teach s.t.e.m. by osmosis

This prediction of the fastest growing future jobs turned up in my twitter feed—it caught my attention and I thought maybe you'd be interested too. Its top 10 fastest growing jobs, with percentage growth over the next five years (U.S.), are:

Online retailing – 32%
Translation services – 28%
Physical/occupational/speech therapy – 25%
Home health care – 24%
Retirement centers – 24%
Telemarketing bureaus, other customer contact centers – 20%
Marketing consulting – 20%
Environmental/conservation organizations – 19%
Computer system design – 19%
Portfolio management – 18%

And this:

[There's a] ... projected jump of almost one third in the e-commerce workforce between now and 2021.

Crystal-balling the future is ever moving, but those predictions made sense to me through the prism of of what we know now. Which means today's kids will need to become pretty comfortable with s.t.e.m. and s.t.e.a.m. concepts (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) as part of everyday life!

Fortunately, there's a wonderful subset of picture books to help with that. They're fun, beautiful and powerful, and they lead kids to the point of becoming s.t.e.m. and s.t.e.a.m. natives—which gives them so much advantage in interacting with the world, however it turns out for them.

Here's a small sampling:

Those are all perfect 's.t.e.m. by osmosis' books—I hope there's something in them that 'clicks' for you and is helpful for your youngies—and you can read our posts about other wonderful s.t.e.m. books here, if you'd like to click through.

Also, this site is an interesting and clear walk through STEM education.

P.S. A fabulous by-product of reading s.t.e.a.m. books aloud is that they're not just great for the child—they also drift into the subconscious of the grownup or sibling doing the reading. Everyone gets to feel stronger, more curious and more confident!