share one of your all-time-favourite dance songs with kids today!

by Kenny Loggins & Dean Pitchford, illustrated by Tim Bowers – MoonDance Press, Allen & Unwin, 2016
ages 2 to 8 years / funny, language

Pretty much every parent or grandparent of a young child today knows (and loves) Footloose. Kenny Loggins (you remember, he was the original artist) has rewritten the words for a new and young audience and it’s hip swinging, foot stamping stuff!

The power pack in this book:

A shot of glory days right here for anyone who danced the night away to the original!

There’s a CD with Kenny Loggins singing this version—all the iconic rifs from the original are there and you’ll have to follow the book to stop yourself singing the originals. (The CD has two tracks and they’re both fun.)

The pictures are chock full of cute kids, cheeky monkeys, one cool zookeeper, and dancing animals bursting from every page.

There's dancing fun for at least three generations of your family in just this one book.

All of that fun aside, Footloose is a double hitter—music is great for developing literacy language skills and there’s really strong maths links too.

A small reading hint:

Seriously? Just sing along! You won’t be able to resist, go hard!


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Names in this book — Jack, Louise, Marie, Milo, Lulu, Lucy, Luke