Timeline—a quick-to-play game that's loads of fun and a bit of a workout!

games timeline.jpg

We’re loving the Timeline series of games around here—all of us except Louisa, who for some reason can’t stand them and refuses to play. But everyone else we’ve played with loves them! There’s no accounting for tastes I guess.

Timeline is quick to play—about 15 minutes per game tops—and still works your brain. It’s hard enough that everyone has to guess some answers, and easy enough that everyone knows some for sure. It’s a ‘simple’ matter of lining up the events on your cards in chronological order—lots of nerdy fun right there! Officially you need 2 to 8 players, but I’ve played it by myself more often than I’d care to admit and it’s still really cool fun.

You can buy 7 variations on the game (we have 4 in our cupboard so far) and it’s worth having a few so you can mix them up and make the game harder if you have freakishly knowledgeable friends.

P.S. The pack says ages 8-years and up but my experience is that you’d need to be 10 to 12-years-old to really enjoy it.

(Image of his cousins playing Timeline is by Max.)


Amazon or your local games store. If you live in our hometown Brisbane, pop in to Presents of Mind for Timeline + lots more great games.