it's hard to choose from these 4 seriously gorgeous bookends!

All bookshelves are magical.
— Neil Gaiman

Mostly, bookshelves at our house are premium real estate and packed tightly from end to end. But every so often I try to lighten up the look a bit—and then I need something to hold everything upright. So I’ve taken to searching online for great bookends, just in case.

Here are four that I’m thinking about, plus one set that I’m really not contemplating. (But it's seriously beautiful!)

 I like the modern look of this one—and that it's just one end. I rarely need two ends and this one would make a cool paperweight if I decide to fill the bookshelf up again.

I actually already have a wall bookshelf so it would probably be overkill to hang more books on the wall—but look, how cool is this!!

A bit of silver and some nice modern shapes always look good beside books, don't you think?

OK, so I really won't be buying these—but seriously, how gorgeous are they!

These might be a good substitute though.

Usually I just nip into an Officeworks or similar and buy the simplest of all possible bookends. But I’m thinking I might add a bit of interest this time. Or not. Decorating is hard!