5 books to tickle a toddler's senses

Angus is a sensory toddler. He loves to get his hands (or mouth, or any body part) into anything with an interesting texture—the sheer delight on his face as he plays with his mashed potatoes and the joy he emanates from trying to eat bubbles in the bath is wonderful to see.

It's also wonderful to see his love of all things sensory extending into his love for books—thanks to these five beauties: 

That’s Not My Monkey—a sweet ‘touch-and-feel’ book that helps baby work out which monkey is theirs, based on feel. The ‘That’s Not My…’ series has heaps of books so if monkeys aren’t a crowd pleaser then there's still plenty to choose from.

Busy Zoo—a fabulous ‘push-pull-slide’ book. I take Angus on a tour of the zoo and he gets to help monkeys swing, penguins eat and a baby elephant take a bath.

Dog—a book with a bit of everything. Little ones can feel a dog's sticky tongue, help to wag a tail and find what’s hiding behind the tree!

Where’s Spot?—a classic lift-the-flap book, it's great fun and full of surprises, useful for starting on those fine motor skills and teaching object permanence.

Millie Mae in Winter—this is a beautiful sparkle-and-shimmer / touch-and-feel book where we join Millie-Mae's adventures on a lovely winter's day. 

Any of these books would make a lovely baby shower or new baby gift, they're perfect for newborns through to 3-year-olds ish. They're great for older siblings too, Ivy gets a kick out of reading them to Angus—when he'll let her!

The books are linked to Book Depository—they have free postage anywhere in the world and great pricing—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.