celebrating the wonders of being a year older!


Finding the 'just right' birthday book can be tricky, but it's worth the hunt—there's something wonderful about getting a special book for a special occasion.

This year, one of those 'just right' books turned up for Angus—he was given You’re One!. It was perfect—a sweet relatable story that celebrated the magic of being a whole year older.

'Look at You! You’re one already!

It’s not long since you were as small as Teddy.'

'One is special.You are one of a kind.'

and ... 'Great things come in ones. Which ones will we find?'

All the special ‘one’ things from a child’s first year are included, like ‘one little mouth for eating cake’, ‘one nose on a dog’, and ‘one tummy tickle’—so it's good for number comprehension. But the real charm is in celebrating the beauty and joy of a growing child.

You’re One! is a lovely gift for a toddler who is about to have or has just had a birthday. (We like to write simple inscriptions in our gift books—it’s so nice to talk about the memories when we find one in a cover.)

There are companion books up to age 5 and each is unique, fun and great for making a child feel special. (The first two are board books.)

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by Shelly Unwin, illustrated by Katherine Battersby – Allen & Unwin 2017
ages 1 to 5 years / picture books + heartwarmers