help a sweet little rabbit to go to sleep by tickling his ears

by Jorg Muhle – Gecko Press Ltd, 2016
ages 0 to 4 years / heartwarmer

Do you have funny little bedtime routines at your house? One of my children always needed a cold tummy-button, summer or winter. We eventually settled on a little ice pack to cuddle up to in bed! For other children, it was endless stories or just the right pyjamas – you know the drill I’m sure.  

The little rabbit in this story has a routine too.

He loves to have his ears tickled, and his pillow fluffed, and his back stroked - and a goodnight kiss, of course.

This is a sweet bedtime book for little people to read before they nod off themselves. It’s interactive, with gentle instructions to the reader. 

The little rabbit looks very wide awake right to the end, a familiar scenario for many parents!

Finally though, he goes to sleep – and hopefully so will the little one reading the book.

The pictures are beautifully simple and have a nice bedtime restful vibe about them. It’s fun to tickle the rabbit’s ears or stroke his back etc, but there are no big surprises when you turn the page. Perfect. No overstimulation before bedtime with this sweet story.

Ivy (who is almost 3) loved it – she asked for a few readings in a row as she worked out the idea of physically interacting with a book. It was a beautiful learning experience and after the first few readings she was anticipating the rabbit’s requests and giggling softly as she played along.

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(Tickle My Ears is from Gecko Press – they’re a boutique publisher from New Zealand and they have a lovely collection of "curiously good books", including A Mammoth in the Fridge.)