gentle wisdom that works out very nicely

by Maribeth Boelts, illustrated by Noah Z. Jones - Candlewick Press (MA), 2009
ages 4 to 12 years / emotional resilience, read-it-before-you-need-it

Jeremy needs a new pair of shoes and desperately wants those shoes - the ones all the kids want. But Grandma says:

"There's no room for 'want' around here, just 'need',"

"And what you need are new boots for winter."

So Jeremy gets new snow boots.

But he also finds those shoes in a second-hand shop and buys them with his own money, even though they are too small.

Eventually, Jeremy realizes that they are just too small and quietly passes them to his friend - who is delighted. Jeremy is pleased and finally it snows and his new snow boots come in handy too.

There are gentle reminders here about the futility of consumerism and the worth of simple pleasures. The illustrations show Jeremy in a simple, happy and comfortable home furnished with books. Eventually, the example of love Jeremy has in his Grandmother comes to the fore and he shows great maturity and thoughtfulness.

And there's a happy rounding out of the story when, finally, something goes Jeremy's way!

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