There was a time in 2003 – 2004 when the absolute favourite books at our house were the newly released series The Spiderwick Chronicles for the older kids and Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus for the younger kids. We read them both over and over and the kids took them to school to be read aloud and passed around. There’s a healthy dose of nostalgia surrounding those wonderful reading days for our household. 

Now – even though we technically don’t have anyone in the recommended age range – we’re really looking forward to The Story of Diva and Flea. Mo Willems (the Pigeon books) and Tony DiTerlizzi (Spiderwick) working together just has to be great!

Release date seems to be October 13, 2015 and we’ve pre-ordered from Book Depository – once our copy arrives we’ll be sure to talk more about it here. In the meantime, this video sure does whet the appetite!

THE STORY OF DIVA AND FLEA is by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi