it's ok to be ok at a lot of things, in fact it's great!

What fabulous freedom there is in just giving something a try, with no expectations.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Have you heard of The OK Book? It’s ok. Well actually it's brilliant and endearing. OK is a stick figure who likes to try lots of different things and isn't particularly great at any of them.

And that’s ok!!!

The message is that kids can enjoy doing those lots of different things and they don't need to be great at any of them. The joy is in the doing. And one day they'll get to be really excellent at something. It's loads of fun trying to figure out what that might be.

The OK Book is simple and funny and relatable, especially for those who get frustrated when they're feeling ‘just ok’. It beautifully captures the joy of learning and trying.

The pictures are simple stick figures which adds to the fun while bringing home the point that not everything has to be perfect. The pictures are ‘ok’ and that makes them wonderful!

It would be great fun (at any age) to write your own ‘OK Book’ (complete with stick figures), to explore the things that you’re ok at and the things you might someday be great at.

This is a wonderful book for:

Encouraging kids to keep trying.

Discussing feelings of ‘failure’ or ‘not good enough’ and putting them into context.

Learning that having fun without ‘perfection’ is possible.


You can buy The OK Book via these direct links: Amazon - Book Depository - Booktopia