a delicious new treat for lovers of Madeline

by Carlie Gibson, Illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie – Allen & Unwin, 2016
ages 4 to 10 years / heartwarmers

If you have a child who is a fan of Madeline and delicious food (perhaps that's you, too!) then The Sisters Saint-Claire is a must.

The sisters Saint-Claire are five fabulous French mice with gourmet tastes. And each Sunday they head to the market to select the next week’s delicacies. All of them that is,

“Except for Cecile, who stayed home instead
Baking sweet goodies to keep them well fed.
I always stay home,’ she said with dismay,
Perhaps I can join my dear sisters today?’
I’ve baked yummy pies, I’m sure I can sell…’
Who could say no to this madam-mouselle

Poor little Cecile’s sisters don’t think she’s ready for the challenge. But her parents want to give her a chance.

So, the five sisters Saint-Claire all go to the market.

Cecile sets up her store but alas, no one is interested in pies and pastries made by someone so small.

It seems to be all for nothing, until a chance encounter proves that Cecile's baked goods are fit for a Queen!

The Sisters Saint-Claire is a sweet, delightful and all-round fun tale about growing up and being brave enough to try new things—little Cecile, the youngest sister, takes a risk and gets her chance to shine. Delightfully! (Her recipe for a Sisters Saint-Claire favourite dish (Croque Monsieur) is included.)

The artwork is beautiful, cute and fun, enhancing the overall French vibe—It would be a perfect gift for a child from say 4 to 10-years-old, especially maybe a youngest sibling who is feeling a little left out.

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Names in this book - Odette, Pierre, Harriet, Violet, Beatrice, Minette, Cecile