broom loads of friendship and fun!

by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler - Penguin Books Australia, 2003
age guide: newborn to 8 years 

Room on the Broom is well loved by children the world over. I was first introduced to it well before I had a child of my own; my nieces and nephews wanted me to read it over and over again. It’s been a favourite ever since.

The story follows a Witch (who is a very nice Witch) and her Cat as they fly along on their broom.

Through a series of unfortunate events, they pick up some extra friends in the form of a Dog, a Bird and a Frog. But the witch's broom isn’t built to hold so many passengers!

The new friends have to work together to save the Witch from a Dragon who plans to have ‘Witch and Chips’ for its tea.

Through teamwork, they manage to trick the Dragon and save their friend.

I’m always relieved when Room On The Broom is the book of choice because it’s such a fabulous, read-out-loud book and an enchanting story. I love the lyrical style that Julia Donaldson is so well known for and the artwork is bright, intricate and enjoyable, really bringing the characters to life.

There are some wonderful themes here, like the fact that the Witch is kind and that the Dragon bully is overcome when 4 ordinary animals put their heads together. The story also shows us that sometimes we need to make a little room for new people in our lives and that great friendships can come if we do.

And it's great fun when little voices call out in fascination:

‘a truly magnificent broom!’

A few thoughts to expand this book:

Use a pot to make your own potions with water, food colouring, bubbles, sticks, leaves, flowers, feathers etc – what would you put in to make the broom yours?

Design your own ‘truly magnificent broom’ with room for you whole family, or selected stuffed friends.

Create a story sack like this from PlayLearnEveryDay so the little ones can tell the story from memory

Or go to the Room On The Broom web page for some great activities, apps, and the animated film!

You might also like to check out another of Julia Donaldson's books - Follow the Swallow shows her huge writing versatility and it's gorgeously illustrated by Pam Smy.

You can buy Room on the Broom via these direct links: Amazon - Book Depository - Booktopia