an ode to childhood, long days and the wonders of the commonplace

by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood - publisher Little Hare Books 2015
ages newborn to 7 and then again for adults / heartwarmers

Is there a more fondly held wish for a parent than that their child will have a perfect day?   day of simple, stretching pleasures … the kind of day that goes unnoticed but shapes the child in lasting and important ways? 

Perfect is the story of that kind of day.

It's poetic, beautiful, reassuring and calm. And it reads a little like a manifesto of children’s rights - with all the things that children around the world should have:

“Some space with enough room to scribble” …

“Some shoes and some places to walk to” …

“Some shade and then someone to talk to” …

“A beautiful night-time for dreaming”.

One of the many things I like about this book is that it honors the work that children do. And because it’s all about the good things of life, it’s not at all confronting or distressing, but does lead nicely to conversations about the blessings of access to fresh air, food, clothing, and pleasant days that stretch time. And, perhaps, to conversations about children who lack those things.

Perfect is a beautiful gift—poignant for a new family, comforting for a young child, reassuring and gentle for a family of children who love to explore life. I bought three copies for my own little loves: one for Ivy on Christmas Eve, one for Savannah, William and Oliver because the children in Perfect remind me of them and their idyllic life, and one for Louie whose birth we are anxiously awaiting.

P.S. I think Perfect would also be lovely to give to parents who gave you so many perfect childhood days to cherish and remember.

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