Out of print :: Bananas in Pyjamas Bedtime Book & Bananas in Pyjamas Holiday Book

Just lately, every time our Ivy picks a book to read it’s one of these. She scans the spines of the 2000+ picture books on offer and finds these – even when I hide them :)

They’re not profound, but they’re enormously entertaining, they're full of detail and they move along quickly. They’re also funny and the jokes have layers – Ivy hasn’t worked out yet why it’s funny that the cheeky monkeys at the Bananaland Zoo ‘were very excited to see bananas in pyjamas’ but she thinks it’s hilarious when Theodore Teddy Bear gets tangled in wool. And it won’t be too long till she sees the humour in bananas visiting monkeys in a Zoo.

There are plenty of nice connections waiting too – snuggling into sleeping bags on a camping trip and listening to stories for example.

And plenty of things to spot on each page – it’s fun to find each of the teddy bears throughout the book. (Tricky too for little eyes – so great for pre-reading development.)

You can see how worn and finger stained our copies have become – we so wish they were still in print – we’d be buying them for all of our little ones if they were.

Good luck finding a copy to share with the little ones in your life – they’re worth a search.