MY WOBBLY TOOTH MUST NOT EVER NEVER FALL OUT :: Lola is a funny little girl!

Age guide: 2 to 6

Clearly another Charlie and Lola book!

This is one based on text from the TV program - and although purists would draw the line at those books actually written initially by Lauren Child, this is still a fun book - fun to read, fun to look at and laugh about.

Lola decides that loosing a tooth is not so bad if the tooth fairy will bring you cash that you can exchange for a farm animal.

It's typical Charlie and Lola faire - cute and charming - a sweet glance into the life of a funny little girl.

It's a lovely book for children who are just a little older than Lola to read - if you have already lost your first tooth you can look back on those ever so slightly anxious days and giggle about Lola's reaction - knowing that all will be well.

Because plastic animals have always been the first toy of choice around our house it always made complete sense to my children that Lola's head would be turned by the possibility of a new addition to the farm.

Attributed to Lauren Child as writer and illustrator but based on text and illustrations for the TV series.

Names in this book: Charlie, Lola, Marv, Lotta