defusing sibling rivalry with rhythm and style

by Simon Coster - Skyhorse Publishing, 2015
ages 3 to 8 years / funny

Competition seems to be a natural part of the sibling relationship as young minds try to work out their place in the world. Most of the time it’s over small and ridiculous (at least to the observer) things like who can jump higher or burp louder.

For Joel and Olivia in My Dinosaur is More Awesome, it’s no different. As they sit down to dinner one day with their favourite dinosaurs in tow, Olivia decides that something needs to be made clear:

"My dinosaur is better than YOURS. Her clothes are always in style. She has a closet just for shoes and hats and a bag made from NILE CROCODILE!"

Of course no self-respecting brother can let this pass! Joel retorts:

"That’s NOTHING! My dinosaur can swim like a shark. He stays up till quarter past seven, and his teeth sometimes GLOW in the dark!"

And so begin the rapidly escalating and completely ridiculous claims of dinosaur skills.


While Joel and Olivia are having a great time, not much eating is getting done and things are starting to get out of hand. As usually happens in these situations, mother steps in:

That’s quite enough!’ said Mommy. ‘All I’ve heard is you argue and moan. You’re not the ONLY two people to have a dinosaur of their OWN!

Mother then proceeds to point out why her dinosaur is the best of all, finishing with:

Now, you both have fantastic dinosaurs, but there can only be one winner. It’s my dinosaur that’s BEST OF ALL, so go and eat your dinner.”

I love the mother’s reaction that so easily defused a brewing argument while joining in the fun.

My Dinosaur is More Awesome is a happy book full of the ridiculous that most parents can relate to and young kids will find delightful. The pictures have heaps of personality and tell a story of their own.

P.S. There is a ‘tooting’ reference that comes from the mother that will double the amusement for young readers.

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Names in this book: Olivia, Joel