Muhammad Yunus: when a woman says no....

When a woman says no [to accepting a loan], it is not her voice. It is the voice of history that created her.
— Muhammad Yunus ... ABC Q&A 3 April '17

Muhammad Yunus is one of the great human enablers of our time. He took micro-loans to the women of Bangladesh at a time when their voices were not heard and their faces not seen. The concept of loans going to them rather than to their husbands was terribly difficult for them to grasp and only Muhammad's break-out understanding and actions were able to make it happen.   

His understanding was clearly expressed last night on ABC Television's Q&A as he said: "When a woman says no [to accepting a loan], it is not her voice. It is the voice of history that created her."

I was thrilled by the words in context, but also set back a little by the realisation that the voices of history create all of us to the extent that our awareness allows. 

Also on Q&A, Muhammad spoke to present-day issues and expressed concern and alarm about the inequitable concentrations of wealth in certain parts of the world today. His stats and thoughts were super-interesting.

So I went searching for more, and found this 10-minute video where Muhammad is asked for his thoughts on 'the concentration of wealth'. I thought it was great, and you might enjoy it too—here's a sample quote:

Making money is a happiness, but making other people happy is a super happiness.
— Muhammad Yunus ... Davos January 2017

Excerpt: "eight people in the world hold more wealth than the bottom half of the entire population [yikes!] .... the inequitable concentration of wealth is the highest priority item in the whole wide world right now." 

There are books by and about Muhammad Yunus—the pages of our copies are very well leafed—but I haven't read Twenty-two Cents yet. Ordering it today and I'll report back!

We've linked the books to Book Depository—they have free postage anywhere in the world and great pricing—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.