would you like a good belly-laugh? 5 books to bring it on!

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It's a Book - anything remotely resembling a swear word makes for sniggers - and 'Jackass' is close enough. Max particularly thought this was hilarious and extremely risqué. 


That's Disgusting! - because, between us all, we’d done so many of the things that were categorised as disgusting, dangerous or mean, these books made us laugh every time. And then there was the unthinkable things that we had never done, and would never do, that were lumped into the same category – so funny. 

Cinderella's Bum - just the word ‘bum’ in a book(!) was enough to start the giggling. But then there’s the gamut of bottom jokes that go along with it. Truly, bum jokes seem to bring out the schoolboy at any age.

When Pigasso met Mootisse - it’s the absurdity that appeals here – two famous artists consumed with pride and jealousy and acting ridiculously as a result. It’s funny stuff and while we’re laughing at Pigasso and Mootisse, we’re really laughing at ourselves and our own petty jealousies. 


The Terrible Wild Grey Hairy Thing - so maybe this won’t be quite as funny for fastidious housekeepers, but it was really funny at our house  because it all seemed so believable. It was entirely possible that I would lose a sausage behind a chest and leave it there to gather dust for months at a time. 

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