kids recommend: Brody & Isla

Brody and Isla live in West Virginia. They moved there from Arizona when their Dad started medical school. And they've just added a new family member—a golden retriever cross puppy— who will make life extra fun for Brody & Isla, and extra busy for Mom & Dad!

Brody & Isla have some great book recommendations, including some pretty cool nonfiction reads.

Hello Brody and Isla! Who's in your family?
There's Brody (6), Isla (3), Josh (9 months), Mom (Amber) and Dad (David).

What do you like to do for fun with your family?
Brody: Play board games and play hide and seek, wrestle with Dad, fishing, hunting and camping, and swimming.
Isla: Play games and drink chocolate smoothies, help my family, help make dinner, doing projects and (ummm) living with my family and having Dad home because he loves us.

What do you like to do at home?
Brody: Build stuff, play with Isla in the basement, reading and making breakfast: muffins, burritos, and pancakes are my specialty.
Isla: Looking at the stars, wrestling with Dad, jumping on the trampoline or swinging and getting held by Dad when he jumps on the trampoline—he jumps me high.

What books would you recommend?
Brody: Who Was/ What Series, any books about animals and science, The Boxcar Children and the Magic Tree House series

Isla: Fancy Nancy, Elephant and Piggie books, just kids books.

Bonus book recommendation from baby Josh: I recommend a book that tastes good. And I love to look at all the pictures while Mom or Dad reads to me or my siblings. (Ha! That sounds about right for a 9 month old.)

Thanks Brody and Isla, for sharing your busy, fun-filled life with us! Enjoy your new puppy.

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