a comfort book inspired by the surrealist paintings of Rob Gonsalves

Fourteen amazing paintings are accompanied by beautiful verse – my favourite is

imagine a night…
… when velvet darkness hangs
at every window
so that our dreams
will never end

This is an ageless book. Maybe the very youngest of babies would find the illustrations too detailed, but everyone else from say 2 years up will love it. The illustrations are at once beautiful and a puzzle, making it fascinating to teenagers and many men. Happy moments will be spent pondering on where one part of the painting ends and where the next begins.

There are big questions here too — are we seeing the world as it really is — are we missing some of the beauty in the everyday — are we imagining enough? 

Imagine A Night is a fabulous gift book. One year we gave copies of the companion book Imagine A Day to all seven of my children’s teachers. They loved it.


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