to make little ones blush and giggle

by Mark and Rowan Sommerset - Dreamboat Books
ages toddler to 12 years / funny

A sequel to Baa Baa Smart Sheep, this time Quirky Turkey tries to take revenge on Little Baa Baa by giving Little Baa Baa a glass of ‘lemonade’ – it all backfires horribly. And then insult is added to injury.

Poor Quirky Turkey – once again the butt of Little Baa Baa’s quick wit.

This is great to read with Baa Baa Smart Sheep – the reaction usually goes something like: Belly laugh - “so disgusting” - “poor turkey.” 

I guess we’ve all been the turkey at some point – and possibly the sheep at some point too.

'Revenge is a drink best served cold'

A really fun addition to books that make us blush and giggle, I Love Lemonade is available from Booktopia or the Dreamboat website.  

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