COUNT-A-SAURUS :: a simple and short counting book

Age guide: baby to early childhood

Perfect for young dinosaur lovers. There does seem to come a time in every child's life when dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating.

This is a simple and short counting book - "One Stegosaurus standing in the sun. Two Compsognathus always on the run." - and so on.

Each dinosaur's name has a good pronunciation guide beneath it and there is rhythm and rhyme to the book too, which makes it easier to read all those tricky names.

Even when the book gets up to ten Hadrosaurids it is still illustrated simply enough to make counting easy - and at the back of the book there are a couple of pages giving basic info about each dinosaur.

In our house, this was always especially popular with the younger siblings of the dino-mad child. It's a lot of fun to read and, even years after reading it regularly, I still think "Seven Plesiosaurus swimming in the seas" when I have to come up with the name of an aquatic dinosaur (it happens more often than you might think!)

Written by Nancy Blumenthal Illustrated by Robert Jay Kaufman