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It’s December in Australia; Time to remember all the family

I’ve been a John Williamson fan since childhood and a few months ago we were lucky enough to go to one of his concerts as a family. Amazing. There's really nothing quite like a live performance.

During intermission, I came across Christmas in Australia. I had no idea John Williamson had written a children’s book and just had to buy it—my only regret was that the kids were so exhausted by the end of the show we couldn't wait in the line to get it signed. 

It’s a rollicking tale of an extended-family Christmas camping trip.

"It’s December in Australia;
Time to remember all the family.
Christmas tree – native pine,

Lights and tinsel all entwined,
Put a fairy on the top.
There’s Gran and Pa and Joan and Pop.

The ham and turkey’s organised.
Won’t the grandkids be surprised
When Santa comes in big black boots,

In the back of Jacko’s ute…
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho “

The storyline is that Dad wants to get a photo, but getting everyone together is near impossible. Which is completely relatable for anyone who has tried it! 

It’s a great Aussie Christmas story—lots of fun and a fabulous gift (especially for a John Williamson lover).  Although, in true John Williamson style, there are more mentions of beer than you might expect in a children's book.

Here's the tune, enjoy! And, once you're in the JW mood, you might like to click into these posts for more.

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by John Williamson illustrated by Mitch Vane  – Penguin Group (Australia), 2014
ages 3 to grownup  / picture books + Australia, funny