in celebration of driving—10 favourite picture books

Since every adult in the world may now drive .....

When Joan was a (very) little girl her parents owned a milk factory and she and her brother would ‘borrow’ the milk trucks and drive around town. It was a two person job: Joan on the gears and keeping a look out, brother Warren steering and giving directions! Hilarious and terrifying—but according to Joan, ‘just something we did’!

Driving isn’t usually one of the joys of childhood and, to tell the truth (for me at least), it’s not exactly one of the joys of adulthood either. But I sure wouldn't want to be forbidden from doing it!

Since every adult in the world may now drive, we’ve gathered a collection of books about driving—perhaps you'll find something for your library here. (Three cheers for Saudi women!) 

Also—this is charming—advice for women on driving from 1909.

The books are linked to Book Depository—they have great prices and free postage anywhere in the world—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.

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