Brothers Forever: a sweet look at navigating transitions

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Starting school is tough. It’s exhausting, emotional and a little bit scary. It’s also hard on the sibling that gets left behind. The person they have always had isn’t there anymore and the daily dynamics change; Angus still tells me every day Ivy is at school that he misses her. The older sibling will also change with new growth and experience.

They have chosen Brothers Forever as a bedtime book a few times; I think it offers both something relatable and comforting.  

Brothers Forever is a sweet story about how life changes for two brothers as the older goes to school, told from the perspective of the younger brother.

‘Some days you think you have it all. Barney is my big brother and my best friend. We bake cakes. We plant trees. We play hide-and-see. We dance. We draw together. I’m sure it will be this way forever.’


When Barney starts school the day is hard. With no one to play with

‘I never knew a day could be so long.’

Even when Barney comes home it’s different, Barney is different. Although the brothers start to go in different directions, they eventually find their feet again and realise that

‘Things are changing all the time but brothers are forever.’

It’s a wonderful read it before you need it book and is great for:

  • Talking about transitions to prepare kids for the emotional journey of change

  • Starting conversation about change/transitions

  • Helping find new ways to connect after change

  • Comforting and reassuring kids that change can be good and that some things will remain constant

Brothers Forever
by Claudia Boldt – Penguin Random House UK, 2018
ages 2 to 8 years / emotional resilience + heartwarmer

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Names in this book – Barney, Barnaby