where people read: 5 modern bookcases

Bookcases + architecture—the stuff dreams are made of! Do you (like me) spend an inordinate amount of time imagining places to build bookcases and ways to arrange books? Here's a little inspiration-sampler from my web browsing:

1)  Low, long and warm—a perfect place for favourite picture books. Whole house here.

2)  Who doesn’t want a library ladder? Whole house here.

3)  A bookless bookcase—it can hold 30,000 books, so could take a while to fill. Whole house here.

4)  Black shelves for books and objects d’art—for urbane readers. Whole house here.

5)  Organic tones and Shaun Tan’s The Arrival on display (bottom left hand corner)—what a lovely room. Whole house here

I’d happily move my books into any of them!