Book Week 2019: an Alison Lester inspired Cowgirl


CBCA Book Week 2019 is in full swing and Ivy was so excited to get ready for her school Book Week Parade.

She decided to go as Rosie from Alison Lester’s Rosie Sips Spiders. It’s a simple and charming story of a group of friends who the things they like.

Favourite Food: Clive eats fried rice. Nicky loves spaghetti. Celeste enjoys Lemon-meringue pie. Earnie likes roast beef. Tessa has Bombe Alaska. Frank eats space rations.

But Rosie sips spiders.

It covers all kinds of things like what they do for work, where they live and what they do for fun.

Rosie Sips Spiders is a fun book that the kids find endlessly interesting as they learn about each of the friends and who they are. It’s a beautiful celebration of individuality and differences.


Ivy loves it and she was delighted to dress up as Rosie.

Rosie Sips Spiders By Alsion Lester – Hachette Children's Books, 1989
ages 2 to 8 years | Australia + Diversity