famous people reading: Bill Gates

Bill Gates has a book reviews section on his blog—it runs heavily toward the highbrow end of town. (No surprise there, I guess!) There’s a smattering of ‘beach’ books for light relief too, and this is one of them:

I read The Rosie Effect myself a year or so ago and loved it. It’s a fast paced, very funny story about a socially awkward professor who is about to become a father. He’s brilliant in his field but pretty much hopeless in relationships. His partner Rosie manages to love him anyway but the pregnancy puts a whole new strain on the relationship. It’s a rom-com with a conscience.

There are some pretty clear (though unnamed) ASD markers in the professor—but the thing that makes The Rosie Effect great is that it’s not a book about ASD. It’s really about noticing the humour in love and life, especially from the professor’s perspective.

I’m with Bill Gates—it’s a great book, a quick read, and ideal for the beach or a weekend when you want to sink into a book that’s uplifting and fun.

And, if you’d like to see, here’s a 2-minute video of Bill and Melinda Gates talking to author, Graeme Simsion. It's headed The Novel I Gave to 50 Friends—clearly they both really liked it!

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