a baby who gets strong enough to chase away robbers!

by John Burningham - Red Fox 2003
ages baby to early childhood / funny

When I was a little girl we had a neighbour who earnestly told all visiting children that the avocados she ate tasted terrible but were good for her health.

What a scam! No neighbourhood child ever tried an avocado and she and the other adults were left to peacefully gorge themselves on avocados straight from her tree.

Maybe that's why the story of a baby who gets super powers from eating avocados appeals so much to me.

The Avocado Baby is the child of Mr and Mrs Hargraves who: "were not very strong."

At first the baby looked as though he would be as sickly as the rest of the family, but then an avocado mysteriously appeared on the bench and Mrs Hargraves gave it to the baby.

From that moment on the baby grew strong - so strong it could chase away robbers.

Such great hope is resting on the baby - the littlest member of the family. And the baby comes through!

There are lots of good strong messages about little ones being able to contribute here.  I do recall cheers several times while reading this - and cries of "Go Avocado Baby Go!"