3 reasons I love audio books - one of them is very small!


For a few years now, my siblings have been on the audio book bandwagon, forever talking about how much they love them. And I’ve always resisted.

I guess you could say I was a print-book snob; I love the feel of a book in my hand. Also, I get cranky with movies that cast characters differently to the way they come across in print and I figured audio books might be a bit like that.

But, when Angus was close to due and I was looking at a few nights in hospital with my hands full of baby, I decided to dive in and give the audio books a try. It was a great decision!

Long nights of cluster-feeding and dimmed lights have been so much more bearable when I could listen to a good story, especially because it required no effort on my part and I could still gaze at that perfect little newborn!

While I still love traditional reading (really, nothing compares), I've discovered that there's room for more than one kind of book in my life. I definitely won’t be giving up audio, even when my hands are no longer full of kids.

Here are just a few reasons why I'm now fully aboard the audio book bandwagon - maybe you'll relate:

They're hands free. Great for breastfeeding, also for any kind of job where you need your hands but not too much of your brain. I listen when I’m cleaning, gardening, doing the washing and sewing.

I get carsick. I’ve always been jealous of people who can read while traveling - I can last maybe two minutes tops before I get a killing headache. Audio books are a gift to sick travellers everywhere.

I have problems falling asleep. I’m one of those people who take forever to turn their minds off at night. I read to switch off before bed, but that can take hours (who can put a book down after just fifteen minutes?). Audio books are a great alternative because I can lie there with my eyes closed while still 'concentrating' on the story – I’m usually asleep within five. :D

And I'm truly impressed with the way the narrators present the stories. I don’t know how they manage to give each of, say, twenty different characters their own distinct voice and personality - but they do. 

So... if you’ve been considering audio books but haven’t given them a try yet, I say go ahead! You won’t regret it (especially if there's a baby in your life or on the way).

Here are three Y.A. books I've been listening to and recommend (I'd previously read Wildwood Dancing in print form and loved it all over again on audio).

P.S. I use Audible because it has a great app (you do need an Amazon account to buy the books) and it's pretty inexpensive. 

Image: Sam and Angus, taken on Joan's iphone