Anzac Day 2017

The privilege of a life untouched by war is a rare and precious thing—and it has been our experience and that of our children. We have been surrounded by war in the way of all people in this modern age, but never have we felt its endemic depravations, nor has it taken anyone near and dear to us.

Every Anzac Day we reflect on that privilege—unearned but gratefully received.

Today we’ll be attending services to remember the fallen and all who served. As always, we’ll hear a sprinkling of their stories and we’ll feel more connected, more grateful, more determined to do the best we can with their legacy. And more aware that preserving and telling stories is the surest way we have to connect generations, nations, and peoples.

We hope our readers in Australia and New Zealand have much to be thankful for on this special day, and we add our thanks to those who serve.

P.S. If you’d like to read some Anzac stories, this is a wonderful resource.