a movie + 3 books to delight a little dancer

Ivy has been obsessed with dance over the last six months—she wants to watch, read, do and live dance. It started when she saw the movie Ballerina and, although I think she might be almost ready to move on, these three books have had a good workout!

Angelina at the Palace
One of the classic Angelina Ballerina series. Angelina goes to the palace to help teach ballet, but quickly feels inadequate to teach such perfect Princesses—she must face her fears and do her best to ensure that the show goes on.

Flora and the Flamingo
A sweet story of a young girl (Flora) who desperately wants to dance with a graceful flamingo. At least that’s what appears to be the story—there are no words in this book. Which is good, because the pictures are compelling enough to lead to all kinds of imaginative conversations. It’s also a great book for emotional comprehension and recognising feelings.

Dogs Don't Do Ballet
Everyone knows dogs don’t do ballet, no matter how much they may want to! Especially dogs like Biff. But when the prima ballerina falls mid show, someone has to step in to make sure the show can go on—finally it's Biff's moment to shine! A funny and sweet tale for dance and dog lovers alike.

There are so many dance books to choose from, but these are our current favourites—they're a perfect fit for the 2- to 5-year-old set.

They're individually linked to Book Depository where possible—they have great prices and free postage anywhere in the world—but Amazon might be cheaper for North American readers.

Names in these books – Angelina, Flora