16 books that make bedtime a communion of parent and child

Perhaps the most cherished of all childhood rituals is the bedtime story - that gorgeous twilight-ish moment when parent and child come together and forsake the world.


Daniel Pennac wrote this divine recollection of that time:

"A sudden state of grace after the uproar of the day, a coming together that healed life’s little wounds, the ceremonial moment of silence before the first words of the tale were spoken, our voice finally ringing true, the liturgy of chapters … 

'Yes, reading a story every evening fulfilled the finest function of prayer, the most impartial, the least speculative, the one that touches only the human kind: the forgivenesses of trespasses. No wrong-doing was confessed, we weren’t grasping for our portion of eternity, it was a moment of communion, the absolution of the text, a return to the only paradise worthy of the name: togetherness. 

'Without realising it, we were discovering one of the essential functions of stories – and more than that, of art itself – which is to call a truce in the daily battle we fight.

Here are a few favourites for just such a moment (click the images to go to the posts or a bookseller):

Plus some truly lovely, redemptive chapter books to read aloud or in tandem:

THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE by Kate DiCamillo and Bagram Ibatoulline (also mentioned here)

THE RED WIND - Isobelle Carmody (also on audio read by Isobelle Carmody)


IDA B - Katherine Hannigan

THE LAST WILD - Piers Torday


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Names in these books: Abilene, Edward, Zluty, Bili, Sophia, Theo, Ida, Kester