come inside the world of QAGOMA’s collection artists and learn some great new ways to make art

Everything leading up to our moving was, as it always is, hectic and messy. We didn’t get to do everything we'd have liked before we left, but we did get to visit GOMA’s 10 year anniversary exhibit.  

GOMA is one of Ivy’s and my favourite places, we miss it. On our last (final) visit, we bought this fantastic book, 10 Ways to Make Art, from the shop:

‘Seven of QAGOMA’s favourite Collection artists have reimagined their creative worlds especially for young artists — and the young at heart!’

Using everyday items found in the home and some stickers and templates included in the book, budding artists and avid ‘makers’ can create beautiful drawings, collages, wearable art. And much more.

So far we've only tried ‘Nature Cape’ by Julie Blyfield. It was simple but great fun, so we're looking forward to making everything else in the book when the unpacking is complete! Here's a little sampler:

The book also includes some great short biographies for each of the contributing artists—they're a fun lead-in to learning more about individual artists and art forms. Designed for ages '4 to infinity', the pieces are simple enough for younger kids to make with help, and interesting enough for older kids to try on their own. I'm really happy to have it in our home.

 Book Depository 

P.S. You might also like to check out The Museumit's a gorgeous book about the sheer physical joy that art brings to young kids.